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1. A series of mechanical guides for classic bikes • Matchless Clueless
A selection of mechanical ‘how to’ guides Testing a Lucas dynamo Which spark plug? Spare Parts Lists Spark plug heat ranges Owners instruction manuals Lucas 564 LED installation guide Repolarising a Lucas dynamo Free downloads Converting to 12 volts
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2. Audie Technology
Audie Thomas makes all sorts of innovative products for tuners, especially related to air flow measurement. He wrote the user interface for the Dynomation software and sells all these products from his web site.
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3. Bott 250 H7 is a web site born out of the aim of sharing with all motorbike enthusiasts an exciting project: the design, construction and development, in competition, of a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle: the BOTT 250 H7.
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4. Dr. Snide's Various Tuning Raves
Being a collection of stuff I've written over the years, and whichsome people, at least, have expressed a wish to see saved somewhere. -Last revised 2003 Ed. NOte: (I did this some time ago (as of Dcec 2004.) Since then, I've written a couple of Enfield Manuals and a manual for the Meriden Triumphs.
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5. ducati bearings explained
SKF suffixes used: Angular contact ball bearings (72xx / 73xx) A with 30 contact angle B with 40 contact angle (BE preferred) BE with 40 contact angle and optimised internal design
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6. Engine Case & Casting Renovation
Steven Smethurst Ceramic cleaning of alloy castings UK
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7. Engine technology at
Related topics include: Emission standards Horsepower Torque
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8. Eric Gorr's Forward Motion
Offers the motocrosser many helpful tips that can make you a better mechanic.
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9. Euro Spares - Motorcycle Chassis Design and Construction and Other Technical Topics
Euro Spares - Motorcycle Chassis Design and Construction and Other Technical Topics
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10. Fiberglass World
"Fiberglass World was established as a world wide trading site for information to promote trade in the Fiberglass, Composites and Resins Industry."
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11. Gearing Commander
Online and Stand Alone Motorcycle Speed and Drive Train Calculator. Predicts various effects of changing a motorcycle's tires, sprocket and gearing.
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12. Hi - Tech Blasting Australia
"Hi - Tech Blasting for all your Metal Surface Treatments Surface Improvement Precision Cleaning Application of Technical Coatings for Manufacturers, Repairers and Restorers"
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13. Internal Combustion Engine Thermodynamics Outline
College of Engineering - Colorado State University
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14. Internet BMW Riders - Oil Reports
Is This The Right Oil For My Bike? By Jeffrey P. DiCarlo September, 1999
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We supply laminated 12"X 16"(297mm X 420mm)colour motorcycle wiring diagrams.Models available S1 ,S2 , S3, H1 and H2 in Euro and US spec.We also do other Japanese bikes.You can buy direct from our kojaycat website or from our ebay shop
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16. Langcourt Ltd. UK
A repair service for chrome, nikasil, and electrofusion coated engine cylinder bores.
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17. Motorcycle Model Codes
Model codes for Honda Suzuki Yamaha
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18. Motorcycle Specification Database
Compiling the world’s most comprehensive list of motorbike information – and you can help! Enter your knowledge and share it with the world’s bikers
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19. Replika Maschinen inc.
"two and four stroke cylinder head work, porting reconfiguring and consultation for motorcycle, automotive and diesel components and engines"
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20. Spanner Sizes
SOL Spanner Specs - Sockets & Wrenches Key to Nut & Bolt Sizes BA = British Association BSF = British Standard Fine BSW = British Standard Whitworth mm = Metric (milimeters) UNF = United Fine (or AF - American Fine) UNC = United Course
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